He asked. And you were beyond ecstatic to say “Yes, of course, Yes!!”

Now the plans are in flight, you have set the date, and you are like most brides-to-be, visiting several photographers and pouring over images, envisioning what you want your beautiful wedding to look like.

While you perhaps could choose any one of the thousands of photographers, the truth is, you want to find “the one.” 

Although each aspect of your wedding day is significant, photography will be the most important service you book. The images captured and the albums created – these will be your doorway back to revisiting your wedding day forever, a day that passes in a flurry of excitement.  

And while skill and experience are of course non-negotiable, what you’re really looking for is that, plus something more... 

it happened...

helpful tips to plan the 



Is an engagement shoot really necessary? 

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It’s no longer considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. What’s more, there are actually some pretty big advantages to a first-look session prior to the wedding. Not only are the bride, groom, bridal party and family in top form, the bride and bridesmaids’ hair and makeup are fresh, and the groom and groomsmen are still OK with being in their tuxes.

 If you do decide to go with a pre-ceremony formal portrait approach, be sure to set aside 15 minutes of private time for just the two of you. These private moments, before you start taking more formal, posed portraits, are often the most special for the bride and groom. You are able to say a prayer together, or exchange meaningful gifts, relax and think about the moments to come. This quiet, contemplative time also serves as a break to calm your nerves. This healthy pre-ceremony atmosphere created a smooth, steady flow through the day’s events. Getting this step out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with your guests. 

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I've have prepared some great advice to ensure show-stopping photographs on your wedding day.

Avoid beauty malfunctions by planning ahead, and you’ll be the belle of the ball on your most important day.

 Be sure to have a hair and makeup trial at least a month before your wedding for peace of mind. Make sure to snap a few images after your session to make sure all elements, from makeup, to hair, to dress, to jewelry, are a perfect match—and fabulously photogenic.

Allow 50% more time for hair and makeup than you originally anticipated on the big day. This will ensure you have plenty of time for all the portraits you want to take before the wedding.

It’s natural. To prepare for every lighting scenario, apply makeup in natural light, since you can detect subtle tones in skin and foundation color, and know for certain how much blush or bronzer to put on.

Go easy on the shimmers and translucent powders. A little goes a long way, but too much ends up looking streaky and unpolished.

Because you’re likely to look washed out without it, wear more makeup than you would if you were going out for the evening. Even if you are not the type to wear a ton of makeup, make an exception for your wedding day. You will not regret it.

There will be tears, so waterproof mascara is a must. Even if you’re not terribly emotional, the stress leading up to the day is enough to leave anyone in tears.

Even if it seems counterintuitive, most wedding makeup artists will swear on false eyelashes. Not only do they make your eyes pop, you will hardly even notice that they’re there. Make sure to research and consult with your makeup artist to know which ones to buy.

Be sure to use powders with a yellow tint, since pink or white powder can cause the flash of the camera to pick up cool shades, rather than warm, natural ones. Sure, you want your powder to match your skin tone, but you don’t want to look pale or ghostly. BLEND IN

Use a blending brush to seamlessly blend together your concealer, powder and your bronzers along your face and your neck for a flawless, more natural look.

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Is an engagement shoot really necessary? 


Romance is in the air and the anticipation of a lifetime together comes to a crescendo in the fleeting weeks leading up to your wedding, causing you to wonder: Is an engagement shoot really necessary? After all, don’t the wedding pictures represent the beginning of our lives together?

 I believe having an engagement photo session is important for several reasons. First, this time allows you, as a couple, to get comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer, and figure out how you work best together before the main event. Next, you can showcase your personalities in a more casual setting, while creating some fun, memorable images for wall portraits, your wedding sign-in book, guest signature board and Thank You cards (shot early enough, we can also provide the images for your Save the Date cards and invitations). Engagement portraits also add another dimension to your wedding album, chronicling your story from frolicking fiancees to husband and wife. Best of all, you can remember this special time forever with personal memories of just the two of you, away from the throngs of loved ones and friends.

 Book your engagement session today by contacting Ian Joseph Jones 561.313.6648 or Ianjosphjones@gmail.com. I will strive to accommodate your schedule in any way I can, but please allow 6 months in advance of your wedding for the optimal use and enjoyment of and from your images.

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